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Mobile Bar – It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

Fully licenced Mobile Bar providing alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments

We are here for you

If you are arranging a birthday party, wedding or any other type of function or event and you are looking for something different our It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere Mobile Bar is for you.

A Mobile Bar suitable for all events and occasions

You may be thinking, why did I state that its alcoholic? Well we have another bar which is completely non-alcoholic so I’m just making sure you know which page you are on.

This fully licenced Mobile Bar provides alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments ranging from spirits, beer, cider, wines and even seasonal cocktails to bottled pop, tonic’s and juices. We want to ensure we have got everything you need.

We have got 3 different Bar packages to help make your event perfect

Minnies Mobiles - Mobile Catering Service for All Occasions

Feeling Generous? You Pay

You Pay means open bar for you and your guests. So, you pay a deposit first and then pay the rest at the end of your event.

Minnies Mobiles - Mobile Catering Service for All Occasions

Best of Both? You partly Pay

You put an amount of money towards drinks and then after that amount has been reached your guests will started paying for the rest of their drinks.

Minnies Mobiles - Mobile Catering Service for All Occasions

Every Man for Themselves? They Pay

They pay is when everyone pays for their own drinks (and hopefully pay for some of yours too.)

Something different?

If this sounds like something that tickles your taste buds, then give us a call or email us!

We will be happy to help with any questions you may have.